Abhyangan(Oil Massage)
Customized herbal oil massage to ensure deeper penetration of skin, break impurities and stimulate arterial and lymphatic circulation. Our Abhyangan drives away stagnant waste and propels a heightened state of awareness. Experience and rejoice.
Head Massage
Also known as Shiro-Abhyangan, this special treatment consists of a primary head massage followed by a neck, shoulder and facial lymphatic massage. The treatment is completed with a nasal inhalation of therapeutic aromatic steam to open up pores and expel toxin deposits.
Face Massage
An exotic combination of oil and herbal therapeutic pastes spread evenly and deeply to filter through the pores and evict the wastes from your face. This under-half-an-hour treatment regimen lends a fresh glow to your face while removing dead cells and removing wrinkles.
Steam Bath + Oil Application
Enjoy this special treatment in which your head and heart are kept cool even as the rest of the body is heated up to expel physical, emotional and mental toxins lodged in tissues. We treat you to a special herbalized oil bath under guidance of expert doctors.
Sarvanga Dhaara
A comprehensive psycho-somatic healing technique, this treatment is exceptionally good for both the well as well the ill. The procedure enables a thorough clean of both body and mind to ensure an equilibrium in their functions.
Kalari Chikitsa
Kalari Chikitsa is a system of Ayurvedic treatment which specializes in treatment of orthopaedic maladies, sports injuries, spinal and neuromuscular problems. Our Theraupists have an indepth knowledge of the 107 “marmas” and energy channels.
It is a total rejuvenation therapy consisting of synchronized special massage, herbal steam bath followed by massage with a special rice bolus. This meticulously planned and executed treatment methodology helps in restoring your energy and vitality and aids in bringing glow and radiance to your skin.
Njavara kizhi
Your whole body or specific areas are made to sweat profusely with the application of certain herbal preparations and Njavara rice pudding boluses tied in muslin cloth. This treatment makes your body supple and removes stiffness. It induces calm and a balmy sleep every day to keep you fit at all times.
Njavara Application
Njavara is a sure-shot remedy across various ailments such as Arthritis, Paralysis, Muscle Degeneration, Neuromuscular complaints, Tuberculosis, Childhood Anemia, for women during lactation, specified ulcers, skin related diseases. Expert Doctors at Bhanu guide you through such nagging medical conditions and help you find balance in life.